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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Last Day Before Lockdown!!!

After some terrible weather of late we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day just before lockdown. Our golf course was heaving yesterday as everyone was trying to get in one last game before it’s all taken away while enjoying the stunning weather. It’s very unfortunate that the club had to close as we had an excellent covid-safe environment in place. Golf (and tennis) has been a savoir to so many people during this covid mess and both could have safely continued.

I met Neil and Charles (Bill was missing) who I play with regularly for some chipping in the morning and to say goodbye. With any luck I’ll be in France by the time this lockdown is winding down so I probably won’t see them until the spring. Have a great winter of golf boys and I’ll look forward to seeing you in May.

I returned with Millie in the late afternoon for one last chipping and putting competition. We have regular contests, which are jolly good fun and it’s a lovely way to spend time with her. It’s all friendly although we do use a tape measure occasionally to verify who is closest-to-the-hole! When no one is within hearing distance we speak in silly Scottish accents to give it all a ‘home-of-golf’ feel. (I say silly only because Millie and I have dreadful Scottish accents!) I’ve posted a couple of photos including one of me resembling Nobby Stiles!

Katie went out last night with three girl friends to have a meal in a restaurant. She’s struggling with the looming lockdown as her social life at the tender age of 15 is really important to her. Most of her new friends that she made over the summer go to a different school so she won’t be able to see them for at least 4 weeks. Hang in there Kato!

Millie just started a job a few days ago at one of our local pubs. She seems to have fallen into one of those pubs that have a very friendly clientele who still tip generously. The landlords allow all the staff to share the tips while not putting their own fingers into the pot. Unfortunately that came to an end last night but she knows she has a job to go back to and Katie may be able to join her in the future.

I’m avoiding Covid, Brexit, and Trump this morning as I’m so sick of it all. Hopefully I’ll be able to scratch Trump of the list soon. Stay tuned and go Democrats!!!

PS Derek has the right idea. He’s gone to Portugal to enjoy the warmer weather and some freedom!