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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Last Day Of Sunshine?

It may have been our last day of sunshine as snow is forecast for the next few days and we may see up to 70cm’s! (That’s an optimistic forecast!) After so many days of cold weather with extremely cold nights the base under the snowpack is now rotten and you can feel that the gobelet is deep, especially on east and north-facing slopes and when it snows we’ll be in for a period of instability after having a fairly low-risk winter so far.

Today Chris and I headed up to the Col des Fours and enjoyed a brilliant run down top-to-bottom, and it was Sue’s first trip to the Fours. (See photos) Meanwhile Andreas had a plan but needed to go to Plan B because of a pesky cloud hanging over his targeted area so he did a U-turn and found some great skiing on the Crete du Genepy and Mont Roup. He was pleased because sometimes a successful Plan B is more satisfying than the original plan. Thomas is down in St Foy today and I haven’t heard a report yet, while Henry has been ill and TJ headed back to Scotland this morning. (I’m out of code-mode because relief is on it’s way!)

Andreas is taking Tansy and Victor for Victor’s first real off-piste excursion this afternoon as they’re heading to the Tour du Charvet. Have a great time Victor!

Karen and Andreas’ gig was fantastic last night and we had a superb ‘Alpine’ turn-out. The place was rocking and Andreas was very pleased as he felt it was their best gig yet and they’re improving every week as they become accustomed to playing together. There was a large group of Vikings dressed in Tiger suits in front of the stage and after about an hour we were really getting tired of them blocking everyone’s view and hogging the dance floor so Tilly instigated a ‘dance-floor-take-over’, which was extremely good fun. We slowly started dancing and gently edging them back off the dance floor and after ten minutes we’d succeeded. I don’t normally dance but it was all hands on deck and Paul G was throwing his weight around, Tilly, Catherine, Dave D, Hugh (he’s has some moves), Jim’s pals and a few others all joined in to clear the floor and it was a great evening. I’m already looking forward to next week!

Thanks to Johnnie Alpine for a great dinner last night but bummer about the football as his Sky Box lost its signal! Funny that Tilly and Catherine didn’t seem too bothered!

Stay tune for hopefully some fresh powder news tomorrow!