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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Last ‘Pigs’ Gig!!!

I’m working all day today so may not have time for an update until later this evening but I hope to see you all at Le Petit Danois tonight for our last gig with Paul and Hugo. See you there!

What a day it turned out to be! The skiing this morning was stunning with Radio Val announcing 5 to 15cm’s of fresh snow but with the wind direction over the past 36-hours we knew there would be more snow at the Fornet so Andreas, Thomas, Henry and I all headed up that way. (Chris was on piste but I spotted him up there as well!) Andreas and I dove into the Grand Vallon first thing and were pleasantly surprised to find 30cm’s of fresh snow and we were rewarded by finding a very smooth base underfoot which made for a fantastic opening run. (I could have gone home happy!) We both ran into a fog on the bottom third of the slope and had to feel our way out and since we were on opposite sides of the Vallon we weren’t much good to each other! From there we headed up to the Glacier to join Thomas and Henry and skied some great snow in the Combe du Geant and Pays Desert where Thomas was the first in and did a brilliant job navigating in tough conditions.  Bravo Thomas! It was an outstanding morning and all the boys did the business in very difficult conditions! (See photos)

I was really looking forward to my afternoon with Tim as it was forecast to clear up and I headed back up to the Glacier to ski the Pays Desert but the fog was even thicker than it had been in the morning so we took it easy and made the best of the conditions. Bummer though because I was expecting exceptional!

And the Guinea Pigs brought their ‘A’ tonight for an emotional final gig at the Danois. It was probably their best gig of the season and there was a great turn-out of the Pigs faithful, Alpine clients and Andreas, many from the Ski Club, and it was a fitting send off to two fantastic musicians and all-round brilliant blokes. I’m going to seriously miss them!

I’m off to the airport tomorrow evening to pick up Gill and Katie and just a reminder that Karen and Andreas won’t be playing tomorrow night but are back on next Friday, the 12th.

The sun is forecast to shine so let’s hope everyone stays north and leaves the spring slopes alone. Man, I’m optimistic! Stay tuned!