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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Last Trick!!!

I was the only one on the mountain today as the rest of the boys were off. Andreas and Thomas had ‘family’ days while Chris and Suzanne enjoyed a day off together. Pietro is just over the border in Italy with Tilly and Terry while JM is in Switzerland. And Henry is off taking care of his kids, which is full on!

We are awaiting about 5 centimetres of snow tomorrow afternoon and evening. It doesn’t sound like much because it isn’t, but it will make a difference. Hopefully that will be followed up by 10 cm’s or more on Tuesday night. After all this time it will be so nice to have a fresh canvas to work with again. Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and skiing of late it is getting desperate!

With some relief in sight I decided to play my last ‘last-minute-card’ this morning. I’ve been saving this little stash during the drought and today was the day to use it. (See photos) It was a cracking morning and we should have another day of sunshine before the weather changes.

Fingers crossed we get a little more than forecast and stay tuned!

PS Thanks to Jean Sports for a great job on my skis!