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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Le Petit Danois!!!

Yesterday would have been the opening day of the season, and the first I’ve sadly missed in 40-years! I’m not alone as opening day is a much anticipated ritual for so many of you.

Hendrik from Le Petit Danois and the Ski Club of GB put on a season-opening virtual gig last night. The gig featured one of Val’s long-standing local favourites Ed Mullit and his excellent drummer Jamie. The event was incredibly successful with over 1000 people watching the live-stream from the Danois. And it was a bit of a happy/sad event. Happy to feel like I had a great spot at the Danois while easily imagining being there enjoying the music. And sad because I wasn’t at the Danois enjoying the music live after a great day on the mountain!

Thanks to Henrik, the Ski Club and Ed and Jamie for an entertaining evening. It was enjoyed by many and gave a glimpse into how many people are missing their skiing. And the social life that goes with it!

Hopefully Karen and Andreas will do a virtual gig soon. Stay tuned!