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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Le Petit Danois!!!

We had a cracking evening at the Danois last night and I knew I was in for potential trouble when I hit the dance floor for the first time this season. Andreas and Karen kept us going as Karen belted out the tunes and it was so much fun that Penny, Paul W, the entire Farrer family, Pietro, Barnaby, Perrin and I continued on with a visit to Bananas. I felt a little rough this morning I must admit but it was worth it. You’ve got to love spontaneous combustion on the fun side! (And it was great to see Charlie Groves last night!)

As for today’s skiing we were greeted with decent light for a flat-light day and with all the ‘low-hanging’ fruit massacred in yesterday’s ‘powder-frenzy’ Chris, Pietro and I all headed to the Sachette/Sache for our morning mission. With a strong foehn wind blowing the snow warmed-up and made for some ‘educational’ skiing at lower altitudes but all in all it was a jolly good morning.

West Ham won a massive match in their quest for survival today against Southampton so I think I’ll celebrate with a beer at the Garage and watch Liverpool. I’m going to try to avoid Barnaby and Perrin tonight because they are dangerous!!! Stay tuned!