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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Let It Snow!!!

There was a lightbulb in the sky early on but it disappeared quite quickly and we were left in pretty flat light for the most part. The wind was blowing at altitude so Chris and I went off for a Mont Roup to have a morning’s adventure and avoid the worst of the weather. Meanwhile Andreas skied the Little Lavachet before circling back around to ski off the Santons and Mattis. JM and Oli skied Mont Roup as well although we didn’t cross paths with them.

It was forecast to rain in the village this afternoon but so far so good! As I write at 2:50pm lovely flakes of snow are falling straight down and it’s shaping up to be a great little top up and a fresh canvas is already on the cards for tomorrow.

Don’t forget Andreas and Karen are play at Le Petit Danois starting at 5 o’clock. If the bar is quiet they’ll start closer to 5:30. Stay tuned!

PS Millie’s golf coach James is coming for a raclette tonight so that will be fun. James is taking the winter off and spending the season boarding and working at the Saloon Bar. To this day James is the only boarder I’ve ever been out with on the mountain!