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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Lost Radio!!!

Today was much better than forecast as we had enough diluted sunshine to soften the snow and the visibility was better than expected. (See photos) I was having a jolly good time until I realised that I’d lost my radio so I left my team at the top of the Les Brevieres bubbles and retraced my steps in the Sachette but I couldn’t find it. Fingers crossed it shows up!

I’m off to Bourg to shop as Gill and Katie are arriving on Friday and I might pop up to Tignes to have a look along the side of the road after the Par-avalanche. Now that’s wishful thinking!

I might stop by the Danois briefly as there is a good band playing après-ski that I haven’t seen yet so maybe see you there.

And thanks to Karen and Uffa for a fantastic evening last night!