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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Low Expectations!!!

Expectations weren’t the highest this morning as we had flat-light, wind, and what we thought was about 10cm’s of fresh snow, but we were pleasantly surprised as it was jolly deep in places. We started off heading towards Tignes but after taking a face full of wind on the summit of Bellevarde we changed our plans and headed towards the Fornet via the Epaule du Charvet and then the Mattis. We skied in the trees, on the Glacier and at mid-altitude and everyone had a cracking good morning, and a much better ski than anticipated. JM headed off to Mont Roup for a ‘skin’ while Chris, Andreas, Thomas, Henry and I all ended up at the Fornet along with Pat Z.

Katie and I had a great night in the Garage watching a solid display by Liverpool last night. She’s a good little fan and I’m really enjoying our evenings together as that’s our third match this week. I’m not even going to mention the Hammers as we’re in big, big, big trouble!

Don’t forget Karen and Andreas at Le Petit Danois tonight kicking off at 5 o’clock. I think we should have a fantastic ‘Alpine’ turnout tonight and I’m looking forward to see you there. Stay tuned!