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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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‘Low Hanging Fruit’ !!!

For the first time in what seems ages there will be some ‘low hanging fruit’ on offer this morning! The boys should have a great morning just enjoying the feeling of fresh snow underfoot again.

It hasn’t yet snowed enough for an alarming rise in avalanche risk. But, the risk has been bumped up from 2 to 3 out of 5.

I’m up early as I need to start preparing for getting up on time again. During my enforced lock down I’ve been sleeping 10 hours a night as my body has craved sleep. I guess the fact that I’m up early without an alarm is a good sign?

Nicki, Dave and I are planning a walk up the Manchet Valley in the snow this morning. I’ll post some photos and report on the boys skiing later in the day.

Stay tuned!

As it turned out the skiing wasn’t all that easy this morning. The snow was unfortunately fairly heavy, the light was flat, and there were a few people about. Still, everyone stayed out until one o’clock and all the groups reported a good morning. Bravo boys!

Stocky and I had another good walk up the Manchet to the Manchet chair and back. His watch recorded 4 miles, 1h49 minutes, 119 metres of climbing and 11,000 steps. The footing was tricky with the new snow and that’s our excuse for our time. (Plus we took our time taking photos and getting out of the way of the dog-sled teams.) Gill says she used to push the baby buggy up-and-back in an hour back in the day! Nicki decided to hang out with Em so she gave our walk a miss.

Jean Marc reports that after three negative tests he has now tested positive. Good luck with it JM and hope you have it mildly. And Pietro reports being negative but Sue, Ben and Lori are all positive. It’s everywhere!

I’m glad I missed today as it would have been a tough day to start skiing again. I should be ready for tomorrow but will wait until Thursday as tomorrow’s forecast isn’t for the faint-hearted! Stay tuned!

PS Very relieved with the Hammers result! It’s been a tough run due to injuries and Covid. I was a little nervous when we went 1-nil down after 4 minutes but the boys rallied for a 4-1 win! And Tottenham drawing 1-1 was a bonus.

PPS And in my Hammers excitement I forgot to mention a solid ‘negative’ result tonight. Planning on being back on skis Thursday morning!