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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Lucky Again!!!

That’s two days in a row where we’ve had much better visibility than expected. The light did flatten out around 11 o’clock  but it was great to get started with good vis.

Most of us skied in Tignes today and had some excellent skiing. Henry however headed up to the Fornet and I’m looking forward to hearing his report. We’ve all been skiing in the lee that past few days but Henry headed up to where the wind was its fiercest. Good man Henry!

The Revolverlites are playing at the Danois tonight and they are a great band. I can’t go as I’ve a Pilates class tonight but they are fun and always get people on the dance floor. (I’ll be there tomorrow for Fernando)

We should see another 10 to 15cm’s of snow tonight and fingers crossed that we get some visibility in the morning. Stay tuned!