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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Lucky With The Light!!!

The forecast for today was a little grim and I planned my morning thinking the weather would be miserable by noon but the visibility was pretty good all morning long. I skied lovely piste into Tignes to get into the Sachette before the weather closed in but we had good light all the way, which helped enormously as the snow was slightly tricky in places. On the way home we skied the Familial and it was good enough for us to circle back around and do it again to finish off a pretty good morning. I thought Craig was skiing again tomorrow so I didn’t say goodbye properly so sorry about that and goodbye Craig and have a brilliant time in Canada!!!

I had a lovely afternoon skiing with Celia who will be with Henry tomorrow before heading up to Geoff’s for what was suppose to be an afternoon of ‘high-drama’ sport. Unfortunately the rugby game was over by half-time and the City v Chelsea match was over after 23 minutes so I headed home to get a few things done as the girls will be arriving next Sunday. It might not have been ‘high-drama’ but City look devastating and I would think that Wales, Scotland and the Italians are a little nervous about their future rendezvous’ with the English. They’re looking a little devastating themselves!

I just checked out the avalanche report for tomorrow thinking I’d see a 4/5 rating but for the moment it’s 3/5 with a little sunshine for the morning. Blimey, stay tuned!

PS It’s been snowing and blowing and 20 to 40 cm’s are expected tonight!

PPS Andreas and Chris were both on-piste today and I’m not too sure what Thomas skied.