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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Made It!!!

I had a bit of a frantic day on Tuesday getting myself sorted to leave early yesterday morning.

After a busy day Tchenko invited me to his new apartment for drinks and supper. I must say I was totally in the mood and hit the rose perhaps a bit harder than I should have! Karen and Uffe joined us for drinks along with Tchenko’s son Jeremy and it was a cracking good session.

Tchenko made a stunning lasagna from scratch and I mean stunning. It was better than good Italian ‘restaurant’ good. He made an equally yummy tiramisu for dessert and it was a fantastic evening. Thanks Tchenko!

But I wasn’t very happy with Tchenko when I awoke at 4AM realising I had probably had a glass or two too many. (Uffe was also up early as he sent me the first ‘joke of the day’)  Being up I decided to get going early and left at 5AM for the journey long back to the UK.

It was foggy and like a skiing in a whiteout’ on the way down the valley. Thankfully it cleared and stopped drizzling by the time I arrived in Bourg and turned into a beautiful day. I always take the lovely drive through the Tunnel de Chat and ended up with about a 9-hour run to Calais.

My playlist started with the excellent JJ Cale and Eric Clapton’s ‘The Road to Escondido’. It was JJ’s last album before he died and was recommended to my by Kurt. Next up was BB King’s ‘Blues Summit’ followed by the Rolling Stones ‘Rewind’. I then went new and listened to Olivia Rodrigo’s fantastic debut album ‘Sour’. Then I went back in time with a blast from the past and dug out ‘The Best of the Doobie Brothers’. I finished off my journey and music session with Taylor Swift’s brilliant ‘1989’ album.

It was fantastic to get back to the girls and we had a great family meal last night. Millie and I played nine-holes this morning at 8AM before taking Katie to college. Mils and I then went to the garden center to buy some plants and did some potting.

Catherine is visiting tonight and she and Gill have gone out for a pub supper. Catherine’s flight home to Toulouse was cancelled at the last minute so she’s spending the night. If it wasn’t for Catherine finding an earlier rendezvous in Chambery I would still be stuck for another 3 weeks. Thanks again Catherine!

I’m taking Catherine to Gatwick at 4:45 in the morning before teeing off for nine holes with Millie at 8:30. I should be perhaps even more tired than I was this morning!

Stay tuned!

PS I’ll try to take some photos tomorrow.