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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Made It !!!

I’ve had some adventurous trips back and forth over the past few years and this one was no different. I was happily listening to Doctor Karl on the radio when these signs started flashing ‘M26 Closed’ and ‘M20 Closed’ which immediately sent me into panic-mode as I had no idea about getting to the Tunnel any other way. I pulled into a lay-by and my phone went flying off the passenger seat so I needed to search around in the dark with failing eye-sight amongst various bits-and-bobs on the floor looking for my phone so that I could wake Gill up (at 4:15am) and get her to google travel options. Eventually I found my phone and Gill did her best to sort me out but in the end I just kept going and somehow the supposedly ‘closed’ roads seem to open up in front of me. I missed my train but managed to catch the next one which was only 25-minutes later, and I had a record-breaking trip from Calais to Val making a journey that started off so stressful into one of my easiest trips yet!

Thanks to Chris and Suzanne for feeding me last night and after a early night I’m up and ready to tackle a few jobs in preparation for the season. Stay tuned and a big hello to Millie’s school friend Connie who is a regular reader of the diary. Good luck with your exams Connie!