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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Maybe The Finest???

It was -18C on the summit of Bellevarde this morning so all the teams headed towards sunny slopes and wonderful snow. I thought it was one of the finest days of the season and it was definitely a ‘maximum-turn’ morning as well! After a positive test off the Verte we skied a nice lower Borsat and meadows into Tignes. The snow was significantly lighter today after a cold night and the snow quality was outstanding and all the teams took full advantage. I was heading to the Chardonnet behind Thomas and Chris but it looked like the Klondike Gold Rush with a stream of people booting it up so I skied the front-side of the Chardo and into the lower entrance which was fantastic. Chris and Thomas had great runs down from the top but I couldn’t deal with being behind all those people. (You know me, I like to be first! From there Thomas and Chris headed towards the Tourne and had a couple of great rotations while I backtracked and had three fantastic runs in code-mode-land. We all had such brilliant skiing that we all finished late and I almost missed a warm-up and sandwich as I was working this afternoon. Meanwhile Andreas went for a ‘skin’ with Philip and they had a wonderful outing as well and kept warm. (Code-mode)

I had a terrific afternoon with Steve and Helen and Helen made a breakthrough right at the end of our lesson, and that’s a great way to finish any afternoon. Well done to you both!

I’d like to wish my father-in-law Fred a very happy birthday today. He and Liz have flown to Gambia today so what a great way to celebrate. I also promised Suzanne that I wouldn’t mention that it is Chris’ birthday as well. Ops!

The forecast is for a tough day tomorrow with -15C, flat-light and wind. I think I’ll savour today and not think about tomorrow! Stay tuned!