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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Merci Pat!!!

I thought we were in for a tough day as it was -14c on the summit of Bellevarde and the forecast was for cloudy skies, meaning we weren’t expecting the snow to soften. I was planning on the Sachette with a pitch of winter snow followed by spring hoping that the lower slopes would soften with the warmth of the day, plus a little dusting of snow to help the texture, and then skiing the par-avalanche to the road later in the morning. But, it was much clearer than expected and I ran into Pat at the Olympique who said, “I guess we’re all going to Mont Roup then” and ‘skinning’ hadn’t really been in my thoughts during the night but I said, “Bloody good idea Pat”! So we ‘skinned’ up to the Crete du Genepy for a fantastic shot down above the little lake en-route to Mont Roup, which was perfect. I’d planned on skiing ‘TW’ but it was full on avalanche debris like it often is at this time of year and had to settle for the stunning steep slopes instead, which were perfectly clean. We finished the morning with the funky route from the top of Solaise into the ‘L’ and it turned out to be a bloody good morning! Katie wanted the morning off and because I was expecting a tougher morning I gave in but I missed her and she would have loved today’s skiing!

It’s shaping up for a great finish to the Masters and there are still quite a few players in the hunt including Tiger and Ian Poulter. I’m pulling for Molinari but am a bit of a ‘anyone but Tiger’ fan. And I’m not very happy with the pathetic way the Premiership refuses to embrace technology when so much is at stake. The title could be decided by a bad off-side or penalty call and that would be a very sad way to determine the league champions. West Ham were robbed yesterday and almost lost to Liverpool a few weeks back on what would have been two off-side goals. I’m bummed!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and go Millie who is playing in her first golf competition of the season!

PS And thanks to Tim and Gill for a lovely drinks session at the Taverne last night!