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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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I woke up today thinking I’d got away with my little crash yesterday but I laid down on the floor to do some gentle stretching and pull something in my ribs and that was that! My concierge Patricia helped my get my boots on but when leaving the apartment I phoned Chris knowing that I was in no fit state to ski. Poor Chris was still in bed and needed to rally quickly but he made it and took my group towards Tignes and the Sache.

With the day off I went to the doctors hoping for at least some drugs but according to everyone in the know was wasn’t given the right stuff and thanks to everyone who has been trying to sort me out. The doctor said I could ski if I’m careful and can deal with the pain so I’ll be trying again tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

The Danois has invited Karen, Uffa, Tchenko, Andreas, Tansy and I to try their new menu tonight so I’m looking forward to that. The food is suppose to be excellent and I’ll give you a review tomorrow. Unfortunately Andreas has had a tummy bug and may not make it but he may yet rally!

A few centimetres of snow is forecast tonight with hopefully decent vis tomorrow because I don’t fancy flat-light in my current state. Stay tuned!