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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to one and all! I hope you all have a great day and make the most of these incredibly strange circumstances. Hopefully most of you will be able to spend Christmas with your family. This Christmas is at least an improvement on last year (I think)!

Jerry texted to say that he tested positive to kick off his festivities this morning. And John E phoned to say that he’s tested positive as well. In his 80’s John said that he was thankful for the vaccines because he’s not feeling too bad. He says it’s not nearly as bad as those horrible VDI illnesses that we’ve all endured in years gone by. (VDI is not a sexually transmitted disease! It stands for Val d’Isere!) Good luck to Jerry and John and of course their lovely wives!

I had a lovely chat to my stunning girls on Facetime this morning. It was nice to watch them open their stocking presents that Mrs. Claus had organised last minute. Clever lady that Mrs. Claus! They’re off to Gill’s sister Viv’s for a family Christmas and the girls looked fabulous in their new outfits. And thanks to Fred and Liz for their Facetime call this morning.

On the skiing front Chris went out with Michael R this morning. They headed up to the Motte and enjoyed a nice morning together. They met Jean Marc up there and JM is heading back to the Pyrenees this afternoon.

Enjoy the festive season where ever you my be and stay tuned!

PS Gill sent me some info from the VDI Facebook page this morning. Apparently the wearing of face masks will be compulsory outdoors. I haven’t been outside so I can’t say if this rule is in force yet or not? And customers in bars will now need to be seated in order to drink. No more standing at the bar or in the middle of the room holding onto your drink. This will greatly cut down on congestion in the popular hang outs. Great for helping to reduce Covid. But, potentially disastrous financially for many bars!

PPS It’s snowing!