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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Millie’s First Car!!!

Karen and Andreas’s gig went well and they were both very happy to be performing again. With it being the Fete de la Musique there were other gigs in town earlier in the day, plus a DJ at the Coin so it was a little quieter than they would have liked. Still, they did have some faithful regular people like Tchenko and they are looking forward to playing quite a few gigs this summer. (Unfortunately I didn’t receive any photos so sorry about that!)

I’m struggling uploading photos from my camera to my computer so I haven’t posted as often as I might have. It’s always nice to have a few shots to spruce up the blog while being more inspiring for me.

The big news of the week is Millie has her first car! After driving us nuts with her continual on-line search for the perfect car she came up with a VW UP. She is so excited and can hardly wait to get out there and practice. At the moment she can drive with Gill or I in the car but unfortunately there is a huge back-log of people waiting for driving lessons. There is also a huge delay in testing so it may be a while before she can get out on her own. (I’ll get Millie to take a photo on her phone and email it to me)

Meanwhile, Katie is extremely happy with Liverpool’s title and celebrated with a little dance in her Liverpool gear. I by contrast am left to deal with the stress of a serious relegation battle! It’s not going well at the moment and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of improvement in sight. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS Millie’s friend Connie who is a regular reader of the blog has her first car as well!