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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Minimal Refeeze Again!!!

The graph I look at every morning indicated a much better refreeze last night, similar to two nights ago, and even though I was 45-minutes ahead of schedule compared to two days ago I was very surprised at how quickly the refreeze dropped out on Mont Roup. We had an excellent ski on the Crete du Genepy above the little lake in perfectly supporting snow with a lovely texture before the short ‘skin’ up to Mont Roup. The first pitch was on the slightly firm side of perfect but I told the team it would be changing quickly and by the time we were 2/3’s of the way down you could feel the surface weakening and everyone needed to be on their best behaviour. Chris was forewarned and took the less steep winter route and had a good ski down. I thought it was pretty jolly good but we wouldn’t have wanted to be any later. Next up was the Cugnai, which has been beat up by people skiing too late over the past two days but we made the best of it before finishing with a run down the ‘L’. Meanwhile Andreas’ team put in a huge effort ‘skinning’ up to the Lores and skied it on the slightly firm-side but slightly firm is a lot better than on the soft-side on such a big slope and Andreas was pretty pleased with their morning.

Last night’s gig was fantastic and we had an excellent ‘Alpine’ turnout as well as the Danois regulars. I’m going to seriously miss the gigs as they’ve been a big part of my winter socially and it’s been brilliant to have something besides skiing to look forward to. I’d like to say a big thank you to Karen and Andreas (as well as the ‘Pigs’) and to the Danois for being such a great venue and hosts. Karen and Andreas will be playing at the Danois every Friday next winter and it is a brilliant wind-up to the week for all the Alpine clients and something for everyone to look forward to!

Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t great but fingers crossed as those low expectation mornings usually turn out quite well!