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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Missed Yesterday!!!

I missed yesterday’s blog.

Chris and I went down to Grenoble yesterday for Chris’ mum’s funeral. After a nice service we spent some time afterwards with Chris’ half-brother Stephan before heading back home.

We stopped in Bourg and treated ourselves to the Chinese Buffet for lunch. It was about 1:30 and we were starving so we made the most of it. After lunch we helped Tchenko out with his moped and all came up the mountain together.

After an incredible hot day we had some heavy rain and lightning last night. I sat on my terrace after my Pilates class with a glass of rose and watched and listened to the storm.

Last night’s rain washed a lot of snow off the road so I had a much longer ride this morning. Instead of 42-minutes of climbing it took 1hr 15 to reach the snow. It felt good but I definitely need some cycling shorts! (See photos)

Stay tuned!

PS Last night I watched the CanalPlus coverage of the three Premiership games. It’s all very exciting and it’s going to go down to the last day of the season!