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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Missing My Girls!!!

It must be said that I had a wonderful time having the girls come to visit. And I’m missing them already! However we still have another 16 days to negotiate so I’d better pull myself together better buck up!

There was less of a re-freeze last night combined with really warm temperatures this morning. We had to be quick on the east and south facing slopes early on but managed some great skiing. But I was pleasantly surprised towards the end of the morning at how long the freeze held up and western exposures. At one point I thought we’d be finished by 12:30 but we ended up skiing until 1:15. (See photos)

Chris skied with Suzanne this morning while Andreas started in Tignes but backtracked due to lift problems. Thomas went ‘skinning’ and had a great morning while Henry had the day off.

I’m looking forward to the gig tonight featuring Karen and Andreas. Unfortunately I might be a little late as I have an appointment with the bank. Please save me a seat!

Stay tuned!

PS I forgot the West Ham result! What a night and Hammers fans everywhere will be rejoicing. Wow!

PPS It was wonderful to see David Robinson’s daughter Sasha the past couple of days. Millie and Katie were both saying how nice she was and how much they liked her. Hope to see you again soon Sasha!