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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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More Snow To Come!!!

We’ve had an enormous amount of snow during the past week and it’s still snowing. The avalanche risk has been 4/5 for the past three days so we’ve needed to be prudent. The snow quality has been exceptional and even with very few lifts operating the skiing has been brilliant.

A week ago my terrace had a dusting of snow but there is well over a metre of settled snow now. It’s going to take me ages to clear away our sitting area. (see photos) I need to get it sorted before the girls arrive but I’m struggling to get started as it’s a daunting task. Pietro was going to help me this afternoon but he decided to make a run for it and return home while the roads are somewhat passable. I can’t blame him either. Another night with me or home to his own bed and family?

I’m looking forward to the Danois tonight. Karen and Andreas will be starting at 6 o’clock and it promises to be a great couple of hours. With Covid rules and restrictions changing almost daily I for one want to take advantage of our freedom while it lasts. Rock on and hope to see you there!

Stay tuned for some skiing photos tomorrow as the sun is forecast to return!