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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Much Better Ending!!!

It was another great morning with a much better ending! The girls are arriving this evening so I’m off to the airport tonight.

I decided to head to the Fornet again this as it was so good yesterday. Plus we’ve hardly been there all season. Chris and Henry came as well while Thomas and Andreas headed towards Tignes.

Even though yesterday started off cold with -17C at altitude there was definitely some heat late morning and afternoon. It was also overcast during the afternoon. The cloud cover can hold in the heat putting a crust on the snow and really do some damage. There was a crust this morning and we needed to stay north to avoid it.

With that said we had some good snow off the Laisnant and Combe du Signal before heading upstairs. The T-Bar was stoppped so Chris and I headed directly over the Col Pers. The entrance is a little tricky but nothing compared to earlier in the season when it was terrible. Anyway, the snow was excellent top to bottom and it was a good result. (We had a quick look for my phone but to no avail)

Chris and I then headed back up to finish the morning with the always impressive ‘Oh My’. We needed to ‘sniff’ around a little to get strips between the rocks but it was good all the way down. (See photos) Henry had an initiation group so we didn’t see much of him during the morning.

Meanwhile Thomas had some great skiing up on the Motte while Andreas skied the Little Lavachet and Sachette Couloir. Andreas had a little excitement as his team set off a slide in the couloir. Everyone was in a good position and Andreas was happy with the management of the situation. No damage was done so it was a good learning experience for everyone involved.

I’m getting ready to head down to Lyon to pick up the girls. Happy days!

Stay tuned!

PS Chris is skiing with Jane Seaford this afternoon. Jane goes all the way back to our Top Ski days, which is a long time ago now!