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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Much Colder!!!

We had a solid refreeze last night with -11C on the summit of Bellevarde this morning and with a northwest wind blowing it remained chilly in exposed areas. Andreas and I did a double ‘skin’ and had some stunning spring snow on fantastic slopes and it was a cracking good morning. We were a little worried that a little fresh snow overnight was going to affect our spring slopes, which it did at altitude but when we arrived at the main event the snow was perfect.

I managed to lose most of my team en-route to the piste ‘L’ at the end of the morning so sorry to all of you who went straight on when I went right. At least you were all there for the good bits!

Chris was on-piste today and I’m not too sure what Thomas and Henry skied today although I think Thomas was heading towards Tignes?

Derek, Al and I went to the Danois for a quick one last night and ended up there for three hours! Ed Mullit was playing with his drummer Jamie and I must say they were really good. It was a bit loud for me so I needed to stand behind the speakers but it was a cracking good gig and he’s another act to add to the list. Derek enjoyed it so much he’s going to watch them again tonight at the Coin at 4:30! Stay tuned!