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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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My 8 am Pals!!!

Since I’m not playing now golf until after my op I walked around this morning with my regular 8am pals. After a brutal weekend of wind and cold temperatures it was a chilly but stunning morning and nice enough to enjoy our coffees on the terrace afterwards. I took a few photos of the boys in action on our lovely course and the group shot is Neil, Bill and Charles left-to-right.

We’ve had a brilliant summer playing every Monday and Thursday mornings at 8am, and I’m really going to miss it! The time as come of focus on preparing myself physically for the long grind of another winter but I’ll continue to walk around with the boys until I leave on November 26th, Covid permitting!

I’ve must say I had an extra bounce in my limp this morning after West Ham’s superb thrashing of Wolves last night. I didn’t see that coming but what a way to kick start the season after some nice confidence-boosting wins in the Cup. Come on boys!

As winter approaches I’ll start to post updates more regularly so stay tuned!