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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Neil Young and Bob Dylan!!!

Millie’s birthday celebrations went well and she had some friends over in the afternoon before Grandpa Fred and Nana came over for supper. Gill made an excellent mango curry and Nana made a superb mango cheesecake for dessert and it all went down rather well!

Then I was treated to Neil Young and Bob Dylan by my  Canadian golf mate of mine Peter. (Peter came to stay with me for a few days last winter and we had a great time and we’re planning two or three short visits already for next season!) I’ve never seen either legend before so it was fantastic to be there although we had to stand for about 7 hours and I was totally knackered by the end. I thought Neil was brilliant and even though he played many of his acoustic guitar hits you could tell even though he’s now 73 years-old that his main love is still his raunchy heavy electric songs, and he can still jam away with incredible energy. Neil had one of Willy Nelson’s sons in his band and the lad played a fantastic guitar and banjo. Speaking of knackered poor Bob was looking a little weary! He’s 78 now and spent the entire evening sitting at his piano and didn’t stand up to play any guitar at all. I thought he was still fantastic but unfortunately the video team that was feeding the big screens never panned away from Bob so we never got to see the superb guitarist in action nor the drummer or bass player. Bob is known for his huge ego but two hours of non-stop Bob at his piano was a little much when you knew the rest of the band were working hard and we never had a glimpse of them. Still, it was great to see them both and who knows how long they’ll still be playing.

Next day Millie and I played in the Pro’s Day at the golf club and Mils picked up about £75’s worth of golf balls for having the best score amongst the juniors. Then we had a stunning Sunday of outstanding sports and I was bummed that after beating Rafa in a stunning and energy-draining semi-final that Roger worked so hard for 5-hours to earn two match points on his serve against an amazing Djokovic only to end up losing in the longest final in Wimbledon history. It was breath-taking tennis from two of the all-time greats of the game and a real privilege to witness! Meanwhile, what a finish to the Cricket World Cup! Some say it was the best game of cricket ever and what a shame both events were running on the same day. And some might even throw in the Formula One as the event of the weekend but…..

Anyway, we’ve been having a great summer and it won’t be long until our holidays. Stay tuned!