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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Never Judge A Morning!!!

I was having a laugh with the Zimmer brothers this morning at the bus stop. We all thought we were in for a tricky morning and for good reason. It was grey and cold so no spring snow options. Plus the foehn wind was blowing fiercely at altitude. There wasn’t really too much to be optimistic about.

However, it turned out to be a fantastic morning in tough conditions. Our only option today was north facing slopes. And the southerly wind blew in a little cushion of snow which made all the difference. It just shows to never judge a morning until you’ve had a chance to grow into it!

Chris, Jerome and I all skied the big face of the Balme  and it had improved from a few days back. Then Chris and I skied the Rosolin before skiing an edited version of the ‘Wall’. There the snow had blown in and it was excellent skiing. It was too good to not ski again so we circled back around for another go. Then we finished up with a pretty decent Familial and I thought it was a cracking morning.

I said goodbye to my week’s team of Bunny, Rory, Martin, Hartley and Diana. (Corrina finished yesterday) We had a fantastic week together with great skiing and even better company! I look forward to seeing you all next season. And it was great to see Julian and Toby who are back for a long weekend after a long layoff.

It was another brilliant evening in the Danois last night. The Lunettes are seriously good and a lot of fun. I saw David B’s lovely daughter Sarah and her pal at the gig and I look forward to skiing with David soon.

I’ve some housework to do before heading off to the big gig at the Danois. Check today’s photos and stay tuned!