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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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No Photos Today!!!

Why no photos you may ask? Because I tested bloody positive this morning and join the list of Covid victims. And I can tell you that the list is rapidly growing! I wouldn’t doubt it if Val d’Isere had the highest infection rates on the planet!

I’m feeling like I’ve a mild cold and not much else so at least being triple-jabbed has helped somewhat. Dave and Adam R feel much the same.

Thanks Chris for taking my clients this morning while Andreas was also in action. JM was skiing with his family today and Thomas was doing some adventure skiing . Henry got in touch yesterday to say he is skiing for himself for a couple of days before starting on Friday.

The girls would have been arriving today for their Christmas holiday. The closing of the border put an end to that. But, imagine the heartache of me testing positive on the day of their arrival? It would have been terrible!

Meanwhile the emails are flying back and forth between those planning making a break for it. Many Alpine skiers are trying to work out the best way to slip into France without getting caught. Or getting in trouble! Good luck to you all!

Stay tuned for more news from my apartment!