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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Not Long Now!!!

The new season will be kicking off November 27th, which is just around the corner. After all this Covid rubbish it must be the most eagerly anticipated winter ever! The early snow reports look pretty good and we should have an excellent opening weekend.

I’m arriving November 18th to get myself sorted. As luck would have it the opening night of the Danois is the 19th. And to make it even better Karen and Andreas have been asked to play! What an absolutely brilliant way to return to town after so long away!

In the meantime I’m playing as much golf as I can, going to the gym, teaching Pilates, watching the cricket T20 World Cup, and of course enjoying the incredible season that the Hammers are having. Yesterday’s game against Liverpool was stunning and I’ve just watched the extended highlights on the West Ham website. Thanks for all the messages from all you footie fans!

Stay tuned and see you soon!