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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Not Long Now!!!

I’ve never spent a winter in England before but I feel the end is near! All of a sudden it seems a little bit brighter and the days are a little bit longer.  It doesn’t seem quite so dark and in about three weeks time we should have sunnier, warmer days. Spring will suddenly be knocking on the door. Some blue sky with the added colour of the spring flowers blooming will make a great contrast to the daily greyness we seem to be experiencing now. I’m looking forward to sitting out in the garden again with the sun beating down on my face. It won’t be long now and it’s getting closer with each passing day!

I treated myself to four months of NowTV, which gives me all 11 Sky Sports channels. Katie and I are watching football together and we’ve really been enjoying it. With West Ham playing so well I don’t want to miss it as it’s been a long time since we’ve had such an entertaining team. Katie however, is a little blue. Being a Liverpool fan she isn’t too happy at the moment. It’s the first time in her young sporting life that she’s had to deal with losing and Katie isn’t great at it. Liverpool are really struggling and will need to improve just to make the top 4 now. Thank goodness that Klopp doesn’t work for a Russian!

Chris and Suzanne went for their first ‘skin’ of the season this morning. They teamed up with Sylvie and headed up to the Folie Douce for a warm-up. Chris and Suzanne are extremely happy to be back in the mountains and active again. Chris may post a few photos later so do have a look.