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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Not Much Happening!!!

It was lights-out at 9:20 last night as I was exhausted and in need of a good sleep and awoke raring to go and feeling great this morning. I had high hopes for a low-expectation morning but with the World Cup Race being the main priority there really weren’t any options this morning. We waited around until 10 o’clock and had a run top-to-bottom on Solaise (although it was closed) and one was enough! Bellevarde was still closed so we watched the race followed by a hot chocolate and eventually called it a morning and headed off in various directions to get on with the day.

I’m serving hot chocolate and wine this afternoon followed by some Premiership football and I’m looking forward to that. Come on you Hammers, stay tuned and hopefully we’ll have better luck in the morning!

PS In case you missed my late post yesterday Andreas’ gig with Karen was really good and they’ll be playing at the petit Danois every Friday night. They make a great team and Andreas promises more to come as they get used to playing with each other. And Jean Marc has arrived and Olivier arrives later today.