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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Not So Easy!!!

After a truly memorable day yesterday it was back to tougher conditions today and not so easy. Still, we had a pretty good morning and headed up to the Fornet for a change of scenery. The wind direction suited the Fornet sector but it wasn’t as easy of skiing as we were anticipating. We had two good runs in the Lower Combe du Signal followed by a much tougher run in the Grand Vallon. With light snow falling the visibility wasn’t the best so flat-light really makes slightly trickier snow even harder to deal with but the team did a great job. We then had much better snow from the top in the Combe du Signal and needed to stop to help find a lost ski that one of Henry’s clients had dropped. Fortunately I found it fairly quickly so we headed upstairs and Chris and I headed over the Col Pers while Henry skied the Combe de Geant before heading over. Chris and I met up with our friend Herve from the ESF and after using our boot-track and traverse track early on he took over the trail-breaking towards the bottom. Thanks Herve! Herve is a great guy who we see often on the mountain and Herve is one of the few who insists on tight ‘Alpine’ type tracks. Thanks again Herve!!!

Thomas had a group with a couple of boarders who were staying in Tignes and needed ‘gravity-fed’ skiing today and he had a great run on the Table de Orientation off Bellevarde followed by the Kern. I’m not too sure what he got up to after that but he needed to pick up his car in Tignes.

John Yates-Smith from YSE has been using my photos the past couple of days so the team are trying their best to smile while skiing! John has a daily ‘photo of the day’ on his website and it’s always nice when we can contribute. You’ve got to like a win-win situation!

It’s snowing quite nicely at the moment and we could see between 20 and 30cm’s of snow by morning and there is a chance of decent vis tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!