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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Not So Lucky!!!

We weren’t nearly so lucky today as Chris and I were hoping for similar conditions and success as we enjoyed yesterday but to say it was a much tougher day would be a serious understatement! Chris, Henry and I all headed up to the Fornet and were planning on going over the Col but the Glacier was totally shut down due to a violent foehn wind. We toyed with the idea of ‘skinning’ over the Col and got has far as putting our ‘skins’ on but we decided on having a hot chocolate and waiting for 20 minutes to see if they opened the chairlift. It became evident that the weather was deteriorating so we dropped back down and tried the Grand Vallon, where we met Henry. Anywhere were it was white worked as the fresh snow kept us afloat but the moment you ran out of white strips the snow broke through and it was potentially tricky for the knees. We then change sectors and I finished up the morning doing some technique while Chris gave his team a hard ski on the piste and I’m not too sure what Henry got up to.

It did snow during the day so hopefully we’ll have some fresh snow to work with tomorrow but we need a serious freeze otherwise anything steep is going to be dangerous. We’ll definitely have a fresh canvas and with some cold weather will have a nice powder morning or two before finishing the season with some great snow.

And a big thank you to Barnaby for taking Adam and I to the Grande Ourse for a lovely lunch! Stay tuned!