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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Not The Easiest!!!

There was no proper freeze to speak of last night so it was always going to be a difficult morning. But at least it was a brighter morning than forecast and we all enjoyed the unexpected sunshine.

We did some great piste skiing on our way to the Motte before exiting the train into a cloud. (the only cloud anywhere!) Even with the poor vis I decided to try a steep funky route that I’ve only done once before. The snow texture was good and it supported so it was a good call on that front. Unfortunately there was some avalanche rubble where the good skiing would have been followed by some track-damage further down. So what might have been a great run turned out to be a little rough! (see photos)

After another attempt at some off-piste I decided on doing some technique and more piste skiing. Today was the only time besides the day after the rain that I’ve had a concentrated technique session. That alone tells you something! But I must say that the piste skiing today was excellent and the piste-bashers would have had a great time.

Thanks to Henry for helping me out this afternoon with my French paperwork. It’s been stressful and has come to a head. Hopefully it can be sorted soon so that I can relax and enjoy another ten years of skiing and working. God I love this place!

As reported The Lunettes aren’t playing the Danois tonight due to Albert’s ear problem. But Karen will be playing outside the Salon tomorrow afternoon between 5 and 5:30. See you there!