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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Not The Easiest!!!

It as never going to be an easy morning. Very little snow fell overnight and it really only started to snow around 6 am. There wasn’t enough fresh snow to protect us from the rocks underneath and poor visibility stopped us from spreading our wings.

That all adds up to a potential ‘stinker’ but we did manage a pretty good morning considering. It wasn’t a photo morning but I did post a few. You might wonder where the photo of the Val d’Isere eagle was taken? It was taken in the bubble lift coming down from the Follie Douce! I’d beaten myself up by this stage and was happy to get down in one piece!

What an afternoon/evening we have coming up. First up is Holland v Argentina, followed by Karen and Andreas at the Danois. Then it will be Croatia v Brazil followed by an early night. Stay tuned!