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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Not The Easiest!!!

It was never going to be an easy morning. It snowed 25 cm’s over night but the wind was clocked at 150 kph on the Pisaillas! The wind was still howling this morning making for a slow opening and we started out in flat-light.

To make it even tougher the wind seemed to come from all directions. Even the snow in the lee was tricky skiing for the most part. Fortunately the visibility improved and at times we had full on sunshine. When the snow is tough the visibility at least gives you a chance to pull yourself together and ski positively.

I must say my boys today did a cracking good job. (See photos) They kept some great tracks when needed to save some clean snow for Thomas’s group. And when the going got tough and it was every man for himself they dealt with it really well. In fact they made some difficult snow look quite easy. Bravo boys!

Hopefully a cold night will dry out the snow considerably and we should be in for easier skiing tomorrow. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS I forgot to mention that we took the bubbles down on Solaise. Twice!!!