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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Not Too Bad!!!

As you know by now conditions are pretty tough at the moment as we await some snow Friday night with the possibility of some light snow through the weekend, but until then we need to soldier on and make the best of the situation. I headed up to Glacier Pers not expecting too much but at the same time hoping for the best and we ended up having a pretty good ski finding some ‘clean’ strips of frisset, some very skiable and pleasant soft snow through the middle section and some soufflé at the bottom. Andreas is still not feeling well enough to ski so I skied with Jonas and Gunnel, along with Dave who last skied with me back in my Top Ski days, and Geoff, Inga and Simon. It was Dave’s first time through the gorge in 30 plus years and it’s easy to take for granted what a cool little trip it is. We finished up the morning with a run down the pisted-by-ski Grand Vallon and through a little couloir that Henri had suggested and I thought it was a pretty decent morning. (See photos)

Chris went down to ski the Foglietta and his team really enjoyed that while Henry skied some ‘classic’s’ that are either soufflé or pisted-by-ski and it sounded like his team were pretty pleased with their day as well. Bravo boys!

Thanks to Geoff and Inga for a fantastic dinner last night with excellent food and wine and jolly good company as well with Yvon and Ian. Ian spends an enormous amount of time in Spain, France and the rest of Europe but for some reason voted out, but we had a great evening anyway with some seriously good banter!

Stay tuned and hopefully Andreas and Karen will be back in action at the Danois for après-ski on Friday. Fingers crossed!