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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Nothing Like A Cold Night!!!

While walking home from Johnnie Alpine’s last night I could see holes in the cloud cover and knew it would be colder and the snow would have a chance to dry out, and what a difference! Yesterday was pretty hard work for the most part but this morning was much better and the snow dried out considerably making for a fantastic morning. The light was very flat for the most part as it snowed lightly all morning and occasionally we were caught in a fog but flat-light skiing doesn’t get much better as all the boys but on a good show in poor visibility. Bravo boys!

I had a social start to the day as I saw the Patterson’s who haven’t been to Val d’Isere for four or five years and I ran into Jane and Jumbo as well. After 30 years Jumbo finally bought himself a new ski suit and he looked really sharp! It was great to see you all!

I’ve lots to do in preparation for the girls arriving Wednesday night so ‘that’s all folks’. (You need to be a certain age to get that one!) Stay tuned!