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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Off To The Airport!!!

I’m in a last minute panic to get myself sorted for the airport. I went to put Gill’s boots on the boot heater to find there was only one but the missing boot was located at Jean Sports where I left it after her new bindings were mounted. What a relief! Anyway, there is still some sorting to do and a trip to the cave but other than that I’m done.

On the skiing front we were expecting a sunny morning today but the weather didn’t cooperate so it was on to Plan B. JM, Chris and I all headed towards the Crete du Genepy/Mont Roup and had a good morning of adventure with jolly good snow. (See photos) My camera didn’t cooperate on the best pitch so I unfortunately missed some good photos today. Andreas was on community service on the World Cup Course while Thomas is still on piste and I’ve hardly seen him lately.

As luck would have it today seems like a good day to be driving to the airport as a lot of snow is forecast over the next few days. Ten centimetres but it will probably be more like one-hundred-and-ten! Look out because things could get a little hairy around here but what we really need is a solid re-freeze as we’ve had several days of very warm temperatures.

Don’t forget Karen and Andreas at Le Petit Danois tomorrow night between 5 and 5;30. See you there!