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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Oh Canada!!!!

I was a little nervous this morning with the flat-light but my ribs weren’t bothering me nearly so much and I managed the entire morning without too much trouble. It started off fairly murky but for the most part the visibility was pretty good and it improved as the morning went on. Chris, Andreas and I headed up to the Fornet and with the Signal poma now opened we profited with a brilliant morning of skiing. We skied the Grand Vallon twice, the Combe du Signal, then the Combe du 3300 followed by the Col Pers to finish. The snow supported beautifully with a nice cushion on top and considering the wind and heat that we’ve had lately the skiing really couldn’t be any better. (see photos) It ‘s amazing how few people are skiing off-piste at the moment and I think people must think the snow sucks or something because we seem to have the place to ourselves.

We skied past the hole where I piled in a couple of days ago and it has filled in with wind-driven snow and doesn’t look very dramatic at all. In fact, I must admit to being a little disappointed!

JM headed over towards Tignes and was thinking of a ‘skin’ of some sort but I’m not too sure what he did in the end. It’s great to have him around and in the seasons to come he should be spending more and more time here. And don’t forget his photo exhibition at the Mayor’s offices, which runs during office hours. (Meanwhile Thomas is on-piste this week.)

Thank you very much to Hendrick and Alice from Le Petit Danois who invited Tchenko, Karen, Uffa, Flo and I to dinner last night to test out their new menu. (Andreas and Tansy couldn’t make it) I thought it was excellent and very fairly priced, which you can’t say about too many places in this town! We had a great tapas platter to share to start and I had the beef with noodles, while the others had a mix of Thai salads and king prawns with noodles. I’ve had their Viking Burger last winter with Katie and Ray and I must say the food is really, really good! You get enough as well as everyone was full and couldn’t contemplate a dessert. We washed it down with a couple of bottles of lovely red wine from the Languedoc region and I’d thoroughly recommend adding the Danois to your list of favourites!

My girls arrive tomorrow night and I’m so excited that they’ll be here for 15-days, which is a really good Christmas break. (A couple of years ago it was only 10-days due to the day that Christmas fell) And my truly big news of the day is that Millie and Katie’s Canadian Passports arrived in the post today. Oh Canada!!! Stay tuned!