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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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On The Eve Of Brexit!!!

I had a team of good walkers today and did a double ‘skin’ to ski absolutely brilliant snow in steep terrain with wonderful scenery. It was a fantastic morning and although it was warmer today it was still cool enough to ski both itineraries and after skiing the ‘L’ I circled back around to ski the top of the Banane into the Super Santons around noon, which is normally impossible at that time of the morning, but it was excellent. We finished off the morning in the Familial, which is improving, and I thought it was a stunning day. Andreas and Thomas had initiation to touring groups and they had a fantastic morning in the same neighbourhood, while Chris, Tejina and Suzanne enjoyed a fabulous morning skiing spring ‘classics’. Henry was out there as well but I’m not too sure what he skied.

I’m looking forward to finishing of a great day at the Danois with the Guinea Pigs and look forward to seeing you all there. Last night I stopped by the Baraque with Adam, Nicki, Emily and Tom Farrer and the music was incredibly good. Do stop by before you leave town as they’re playing until Sunday night starting nightly at 7:30. Kevin Doyle and Moose showed up and it was brilliant to see the both of them. I’ve known them for over 30 years and they are a couple of incredible characters who never fail to entertain!

Tonight would have been the eve of Brexit and I’m still desperately hoping for a miracle and that Brexit is cancelled. I feel European and am proud to feel part of the community here and feel accepted by the locals. I’ve made so many friends here over the years, young and old, and I’ve enjoyed every European country I’ve ever visited. I can’t believe that Britain is turning its back on 75-years of peace (in an historically warring part of the world) and all these years of cooperation between so many countries with so many different cultures. The EU is far from perfect but trying to improve it from within makes much more sense to me than the British shrinking into a tribal shell. I’m sad that my girls world is about to become smaller and the European options will be taken away from them and I find it incredible that the British public has voted to take options away from their children and grandchildren. I also feel that the referendum was a farce with so much misinformation. Boris’ promise of 350 million quid a day going to the NHS turned a lot of heads and far too many people voted without educating themselves on the issues. I can’t believe with all that has happened since the referendum that the public aren’t going to be given the chance to vote again now that the consequences of Brexit are much clearer.

There is a young girl in town who is spending the weekend swimming enough lengths in the pool to correspond with swimming the Channel in a protest to Brexit and to show solidarity with those marching in the streets of Britain. The French are also planning a rally in April when the last Eurostar of the season departs to wave off their British friends. It’s going to be a sad day when it happens and I’m absolutely gutted!