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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Once Again!!!

Once again we had some light, which totally made the morning! It’s tough out there at the best of times when you can’t see, and even tougher with limited options. But, we had really good vis early on and even when the clouds came in we had a ‘light-bulb’ to help with navigation.

Chris and I headed back up to the Fornet not only because it was so good yesterday, but it seemed brighter as well. Andreas had some good early light in the Tour before circling back around and joining Chris and I. It was another cracking morning and much better than the forecast suggested. (see photos)

There were moments of ‘whiteness’ during which my client Chris manage to ski off a cornice. It was quite a drop and he lost a ski, but we managed to find it quite quickly. (I’ve had a bit of practice this week!) Fortunately it was a soft landing, he was fine, and it all added to the adventure.

It’s now snowing and I’m really happy to be tucked up at home. Stay tuned!

PS I’ve just added a photo of the beautiful falling snow this afternoon.