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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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One Day At A Time!!!

It’s one-day-at-a-time and every day that passes with a decent result is actually a bloody good result because we’ve worked hard in these difficult conditions and any good ‘sniff’ is greatly appreciated. (Today was 12-skins in-a-row!) We had a ‘Team Alpine’ ski towards the Crete du Genepy/Mont Roup area this morning with Chris, Andreas, Thomas, Henry and I all looking for the best we could find and I thought it was another pretty good morning with some fresh tracks, great scenery and stunning weather. (See photos) I ended up following Thomas who had a great ‘sniff’ this morning and all the teams enjoyed their morning.

The forecast is calling for a cloudy day tomorrow, which is quite depressing as it’s tough enough out there when you can see to pick the best line amongst some tricky snow and throwing flat-light into the equation sucks. Clouds with snow falling out of the sky is one thing but just flat-light and no reward doesn’t bare thinking about, so I won’t mention it again until tomorrow morning!

Derek and Gregor will be coming to the end of their week heli-skiing in Canada and Derek will be savouring this one. Sometimes he knows that we’ve fantastic powder here and he’s gone a long way and sometimes has some pretty tough conditions as well, but this year he and Gregor have chosen a good week to be in Canada!!! He sent a photo first day of snow falling out of the sky and we all hope you’ve had a brilliant time! Oh Canada!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow as Michael will be finishing his month-long trip, where he’s skied every single day. Bravo Michael!