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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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One Of Those Days!!!

Today was just one of those days where very little was possible off-piste. With terrain traps and rocks everywhere it’s too risky to venture too far in flat-light. Everything easily accessible is totally tracked and bumpy underfoot. With the high temperatures anything down low is either crusty or heavy. The only skiable winter powder is higher up and north, but then we’re back into the flat-light restrictions. So, it was one of those days!

With all that said and done we did however have a pretty decent morning. We had a nice run in winter powder in the Lower Borsat before heading up the Grande Motte cable car for two runs. There was some good snow just off the piste at the summit but other than that we just skied piste most of the morning.

I took a photo of the Motte cable car exit. As you look at it we used to exit on the right-hand side up to about 15 years ago. It was possible to step out, put your skis on and then ski away. The glacial ice must have dropped about a hundred metres of more since then.

Speaking of changing glaciers, today would have been an absolutely perfect day to ski the Rosalin. One-hundred-and-twenty nice powder turns, followed by a ten-minute ‘skin’ and another 40 turns. But the glacier took a hammering this summer and that off-piste itinerary is unfortunately now no longer in play. And it would have been a great option today!

Hopefully we’ll get enough snow before the morning to give us a fresh canvas and new options. The visibility should be better tomorrow so fingers crossed!

Stay tuned!