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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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One of those Days!!!

I was one of those days. The sun was shining, the snow was good, but things didn’t quite work out.

Adam R just arrived and was really looking forward to his week of skiing. But after a warm-up run off the Verte he caught an edge on the piste and his bindings didn’t release. Most of the group were ahead but fortunately Michael was at the back and took care of him. He phoned the Piste Service and a pisteur arrived and took Adam down in a blood-wagon. Thanks Michael!

As it turns out Adam tore his ACL and pulled some bone away as well. What a bummer and everyone at Alpine wishes Adam a speedy and full recovery.

I was surprised when Pietro came home early for lunch. It turns out that his client Christophe fell on the top of the Verte piste and dislocated his shoulder! Good luck and a speedy recovery to Christophe.

At least Andreas and Ian made it through the morning unscathed!

For you live music lovers Ed and Jamie will be playing at the Danois. The gig should kick-off around 5:30 to 5:45. See you there!

PS There is a photo of a man-made haggis trap at the bottom of the Familial before the Trifoillet exit. Over the summer they’ve built new bike trails, which are extremely hazardous in flat-light. It’s important to have a good look around when the sun is out and file all the new terrain traps away. But building a road through the Familial like that is really dangerous. Someone could be seriously hurt skiing through the trees as normal to find a brand new man-made ‘maneater’!