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Opening Delayed!!!

Many of you will already know that President Macron addressed the nation last night. He announced a 4-week national lockdown and closed the borders until December 1st. This announcement makes it impossible for the resort to open on November 28th.

The resort will continue to groom and prepare for the upcoming season. For the moment the three-weekend span of World Cup races in December is still scheduled but it’s in limbo.

I’ve been fearful of this situation since June but during the past month had started to feel a bit more optimistic. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking that the resort could open with serious sanitation measures in place? Unfortunately that brief period of optimism was short lived!

I know many of you were planning on coming for extended stays. Being in the mountains rather than spending the winter in the UK certainly has a nice ring to it. Unfortunately for the moment that option doesn’t seem quite so appealing. French restrictions are very strict. People are expected to stay at home except for necessary trips such as food shopping, medical appointments or to care for someone in need.

A form must be filled out before leaving home stating the time of departure and purpose of your excursion. For exercise short walks are allowed near your home. Sadly, putting on a pair of ‘skins’ and spending a few hours outside in the mountains doesn’t fall into this category. There are heavy fines for anyone breaking the rules and the police/gendarmes aren’t interested in excuses.

As much as I’d love to be in the mountains breathing fresh winter air and getting some exercise the French restrictions are daunting. For the moment I’d rather wait it out in the UK with my family until the situation improves. The next few weeks will be critical in France as well as the UK and we can only hope for the best.

Hopefully the resort will open early December but I don’t really know what to think anymore?

Stay tuned!