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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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After a brilliant day yesterday with wonderful weather and very interesting snow that I thoroughly enjoyed it was back to flat-light today. There is flat-light and flat-light and for a flat-light day the visibility was pretty good this morning. However, that didn’t stop me from skiing off a little ledge that had been created by the hurricane-force winds of late. I was following Chris’ track and was only about 15cm’s to the right of it when I dropped only about a metre but  hit hard  enough to wind myself. I’m going to be sore tomorrow as my upper ribs are tender and I was starting to feel it while poling by the end of the morning. I’ve really got to stop noodling myself as I not getting any younger!

It was however a pretty jolly good morning of skiing. The Fornet was closed yesterday which benefited us today as the mountain was totally ‘clean’ and the snow was still soft and skied nicely. Chris, Andreas and I skied the Lower Combe du Signal before heading over the Col Pers, which was excellent. (I had my mishap while skiing down from the Grand Torsai) We then circled back around to ski the Combe du Signal again en-route to the Combe du 3300 before finishing with a run off the Mattis. JM was heading towards Mont Roup and I haven’t heard from him while Thomas is half-on-and-half-off-piste this week.

I thought the sky was stunning this morning with some fabulous shades of grey, black and purple. Check out today’s photos and stay tuned for more news tomorrow. I’m off to the gym to stretch myself out!

PS Thanks to Richard Finlay for a great roast chicken dinner last night and two Johnnie Alpine for two football matches!