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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Out Of Hibernation!!!

After 18-months of limited life-style choices it’s time to come out of hibernation and get cracking again. I noticed that I haven’t posted since Millie’s birthday on July 11th, which I must admit is pretty jolly slack!

Since the last post it has been more of the same really. Gill has been working hard and playing tennis, I’ve been teaching Pilates and playing golf, Millie has been working at the Jolly Farmer and playing golf and socialising, while Katie has been working and socialising as well.

My golf buddy Charles took me to Lord’s for the 100 and we’ve just returned from Yorkshire where we stayed with Penny. Thanks very much Penny! The girls took me to an excellent Maisie Peters concert in London and my friend Kevin jumped on his motorcycle and came to say hello while we were in the queue. (It was great to see you Kev!) Katie is starting her A-levels at Godalming College while Millie is off to Exeter University September 11th. (Can you believe it?) And hopefully I will be travelling to Canada to visit my Mum, brother and sister later in September.

Now that I’m waking up I’ll try to post more regularly and I’ve posted some photos dating back to Millie’s birthday.

The planning is up and running and a few bookings are starting to trickle in. Stay tuned!