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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Out Of Nowhere!!!

I wasn’t really expecting much today and thought we were in for a scratchy morning in wind and flat-light without any new snow to work with. Instead with had excellent vis for a flat-light day and even a patch or two of sunshine along with 5 to 10cm’s of fresh snow and as much as 20 in places, and it all added up to a pretty stunning morning. My team opened up with powder-on-the-piste on the Face du Bellevarde, followed by the Fontaine Froide, the Verte, the Borsat, the Chardonnet, the Tignes Altiport, the Combe du Lanches, and the Familial in sunshine to finish. Blimey, it was a very satisfying morning and both Chris and Andreas were in the neighbourhood having a brilliant time as well! (See photos)

My friend Peter left this morning and we had a cracking good few days. Besides some excellent skiing we watched Everton v Liverpool at the Garage, watched and listened to some great music at the Baraque, watched a new band at the Danois, watched PSG V Man United at the Danois, had a couple of pizza’s out, and had a couple of meals in accompanied by some great music. You’ll have to come again Peter!

Apparently there was a punch-up in the Piste Perdue yesterday as a couple of people decided to argue about who was going to squeeze through a tricky bit first. Punches were thrown and blood was drawn and I would have loved to get some photos for the blog!

I’m looking forward to the Pigs tonight as the Thursday and Friday après-ski gigs are my favourite times of the week. See you there and don’t forget Karen and Andreas tomorrow.

Unfortunately it cleared up this afternoon so there will be some trashing going on this afternoon, but I’m sure we’ll sniff something out in the morning! Stay tuned!

PS And what a game last night as Man U knocked out fancied PSG. It was especially fun being surrounded by Parisians!!!

PPS And the best news is that Millie and Katie received their Canadian Citizenship Documents yesterday so they’re both officially Canadians. Oh Canada!!!